Our custom blended Lilac Food is the same fertilizer we use on our own lilacs. We are now offering this product to our customers. Our fertilizer buckets will help put a end to the frustration of broken fertilizer bags.

Lilac Food
8-20-16 Enriched with lime and seaweed meal
5 lb. Bucket $16.95 plus shipping

Shipping charges will depend on your zip code. E-mail us for a quote.

You can also ask your local garden center or nursery to carry our Lilac Food.

This is a granular fertilizer that use 50% slow release nitrogen. The nitrogen to produce this fertilizer cost more because it is shell coated. The shell coating helps to feed your lilacs slower and longer!

Our fertilizer combines both organic and inorganic ingredients and is applied dry.

The 5lb bucket will feed 4-6 lilacs depending on the size.

Each bucket contains a measuring scoop and easy to follow instructions. More is not better so please follow the instructions!

Lilacs like a soil pH level of between 6 and 7. They also like a soil rich in organic matter which can make the soil more acidic. By using our lime enriched fertilizer this will help to keep your soil pH level between 6 and 7. We recommend a soil test to be sure of your pH level.